Wars, Lies and the CIA

There is a reason people talk of not trusting the CIA, or that they assume the worst of any situation the CIA is involved in. It is because there has never been a time in the history of the organization, when it did the right thing or was not guilty of crimes against humanity and war crimes.

They have lied to the American public through falsified intelligence, to gain or maintain their support for illegal wars abroad. They have tested drugs and used chemicals on soldiers and common citizens. They’ve propped up rightist dictatorships by disrupting, subverting, manipulating, sabotaging and assassinating its leftist opposition groups. They financed, trained and equipped Nazi war criminals and hid their war crimes and crimes against humanity in exchange for their scientific knowledge. They’ve done the same with collaborators and their nationalist groups in Ukraine in exchange for weakening the then-USSR and now Russia. They are experts at gaslighting the public to gain their support and control them during a time of conflict, at forcing regime change in foreign nations, and managing death squads responsible for massacres of innocent civilians and other war crimes.

The following is a timeline and survey of the evidence, with links.

In late 1945 the UK and US partnered to secure Nazi scientists in what became called Operation Paperclip. They worked on the atomic bomb, but also were involved in unethical human experimentation including MK Ultra and others.

Operation Paperclip (also Project Paperclip) was the code name for the O.S.S.–U.S. Military rescue of scientists from Nazi Germany, during the terminus and aftermath of World War II. In 1945, the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency was established with direct responsibility for effecting Operation Paperclip…In early 1950, U.S. legal residence for some “Paperclip Specialists” was effected through the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico; from which country the Nazi scientists legally entered the U.S…In 1959, ninety-four Operation Paperclip men went to the U.S., including Friedwardt Winterberg and Friedrich Wigand. Through 1990, Operation Paperclip immigrated 1,600 Nazi personnel, with the “intellectual reparations” taken by the U.S. and the U.K. (patents and industrial processes) valued at some $10 billion dollars.” (1)

While many websites paint this operation as a necessary and normal occurrence, the truth is that the UK and US accepted known war criminals into their ranks, while granting them amnesty for what others were sentenced to death for, including unethical human experimentation and torture. Many of the scientists found careers in the CIA.

That goal came into being with – ARTICHOKE, MK-ULTRA, BLUEBIRD– using dangerous psychoactive chemicals to brainwash, incapacitate and control.
In the 1950s Edgewood’s research focus shifted to psychoactive chemical warfare; Nazi physicians and chemists from Operation Paperclip worked jointly with American medical scientists. American soldiers were subjected to mind-control experiments testing a myriad of psychoactive drugs, including the hallucinogen LSD, which was surreptitiously put in the beverages of unsuspecting soldiers, often with terrifying consequences. They were also subjected to electroshock and behavior control techniques; and some had electrodes implanted in their brains. These experiments were conducted with utter disregard for their humanity.”(2)

“The sheer number of Nazi collaborators taken away and the amount of efforts, money and politics invested to whitewash their crimes shows how the lofty ideals of justice preached by the West are just hollow gimmicks employed to hide their ruthless endeavours to dominate the world.”(3)

While today many would not believe these stories if they were told them, the fact remains that the UK and US intelligence agencies were filled with some of the worst war criminals imaginable, and they hid them from public view as they paid them to recreate and expand upon the unethical human experiments they had begun to work on under the Nazis.

From 1946 through 1991 documents show that the CIA worked with white nationalists movements in Ukraine, the Ukraine Supreme Liberation Council (UHVR) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), and Stepan Bandera. The CIA supported and propagandized the Neo-Nazis against the USSR, in Operation Belladona, and Project AERODYNAMIC.

Its operation was intended to deliver communications to multiple groups, namely the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) and members of the Indigenous populations to maintain a national consciousness, and to encourage pride in the heritage and individuality of their culture.
Along with the stoking of nationalist tendencies, the document also revealed clear intentions to create dissatisfaction amongst Ukrainian military personnel against the USSR.”(4)

Another operation worth a note is Project CAPELIN.

there are many projects that operate in tandem along side Project AERODYNAMIC. CAPELIN is one of them. The area of operations for CAPELIN were Munich, Germany, where its first noted primary aim is counter espionage information on CASSOWARIES and CAVATINAS subjects. If we reference our Research Aid, we can see who these subjects are, one of them a cryptonym for Stefan Bandera.”(4)

Stepan Bandera and nationalist movements in western Ukraine worked with Hitler and attempted to gain his support for an independent Ukrainian nation. They were allegedly responsible for running pograms which saw to the mass expulsion and deaths of tens of thousands of Jewish and other Polish citizens. Ultimately, the Germans used Bandera and his groups like the useful idiots they were and did not help them achieve their goal of statehood.

In September 1947 the CIA was created due to President Truman signing into law the National Security Act of 1947. They replaced their predecessor organization the Central Intelligence Group, which Truman had created in January of the previous year. That same year, Operation Gladio was formed which “kept track of communists and became part of [the] intelligence service in 1948.”(5)

Gladio was responsible for bombings, kidnappings and assassinations to such an extent that the network was publicly exposed in Italy in the 1980s and was the subject of a BBC documentary by Alan Francovich some years later.”(6)

Although this claim of the existence and purpose of Gladio is mired in controversy, the basic fact is evident that the force existed and did commit illegal and unethical acts, its purpose was to act in the event that communists physically invaded Europe. It was used, rather, to subvert known communist groups and individuals in an ideological invasion of ideas or what can be called a culture war. This shows the original intent and ideology of western intelligence services is that of anti-communism, and that they use paramilitary groups which engage in clandestine, illegal, and unethical methodology.

In 1949, the CIA orchestrated Operation Red Sox, attempting to use Ukrainian nationalist movements to destroy the Soviet empire.

Operation Red Sox, as it was known, was one of the first covert missions of the still new Cold War. The American-trained commandos would feed intelligence back to their handlers using new radio and communications equipment, stoking nascent nationalist movements in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and the Baltics. The goal was to provide the U.S. unprecedented insight into Moscow’s designs in Eastern Europe — and, if possible, to help crack apart the Soviet empire itself. Over half a decade, dozens of operatives took part in these flights, becoming one of the U.S.’s “biggest covert operations” in post-War Europe. Ukraine’s bloody insurgency was the operation’s centerpiece. And it was in Ukraine that, as one scholar wrote, the CIA saw one of its “most pronounced failures of the Cold War.””(7)

It is noteworthy that Ukraine was the “centerpiece” of CIA operations against Russia. Amazingly, the CIA failed so much at their goal of tearing apart the Soviet Union that they are still at it 75 years later.

In 1950 Operation AERODYNAMIC was already in full swing, sponsoring past Nazi collaborators and using them for the goal of destabilizing, to destroy, Russia.

Perhaps Truman’s most destructive initiative was the creation of the CIA, a monster that he later claimed got out of hand, telling a friend “I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo”…OPC and OSO “agree[d] that the Ukrainian organization [Ukrainian Supreme Council of Liberation], the governing body of the OUN, offers unusual opportunities for penetration of the USSR, and assisting in the development of underground movements behind the Iron Curtain.
The CIA operation was codenamed PBCRUET-AERODYNAMIC, based on a top-secret document dated June 17, 1950.”(8)

Truman’s frank admission about the CIA is telling of the kind of horror he knew he had created, although as President he supported its activities in Eastern Europe.

In 1964, officially, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was credited as the reason for the US entering into war in Vietnam, which was a war plotted and overseen by the CIA and the US Department of Defense (DoD), and carried out by the South Vietnamese. Though the incident itself never happened, the unfathomable human suffering that ensued certainly did.

In the early 2000s, nearly 200 documents were declassified and released by the National Security Agency (NSA).
They showed that there was no attack on August 4. U.S. officials had distorted the truth about the Gulf of Tonkin incident for their own gains — and perhaps for Johnson’s own political prospects.
This lie jumpstarted a war that would claim 58,220 American and more than 3 million Vietnamese lives.”(9)

It is not a question of how many bombs the US dropped on civilians during the Vietnam War. It is a question of how many tons of bombs were dropped.

Between 1965 and 1975, the United States and its allies dropped more than 7.5 million tons of bombs on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia—double the amount dropped on Europe and Asia during World War II. Pound for pound, it remains the largest aerial bombardment in human history.”(10)

That is not counting the amount of napalm used.

From 1963 to 1973, 388,000 tons of napalm were dropped on Vietnam, more than ten times what we used in Korea. I simply don’t understand what the purpose of causing a maximum amount of suffering to civilians was all about.”(11)

That is not counting the amount of chemicals that were sprayed on Vietnam.

The chemicals were deployed as part of Operation Ranch Hand, a military operation that lasted from 1962 to 1971. Ranch Hand’s unofficial motto—“only you can prevent a forest”—riffed off of Smokey Bear’s plea for people to prevent forest fires. The wry sarcasm of the phrase sums up the irony of the mission. Controversial then and now, it’s still not clear whether Operation Ranch Hand, a form of chemical warfare, was even permitted under international law…By the end of the war, over 3.6 million acres had been sprayed with Rainbow Herbicides…people who lived beneath the rain of rainbow chemicals have experienced generations of health effects.”(12)

Although Vietnam has demanded reparations be paid by the USA for its crimes against humanity, to date not a single dime has been paid by the USA to the Vietnamese victims of its chemical warfare during the war.(13)

In the mid-1970s the CIA ran a domestic spying operation on American citizens they deemed to be dissidents, possibly even assassinated them, and employed people such as Franklin Lindsay, who were formerly Nazi collaborators and worked with death squads in Ukraine.

Hersh revealed that the CIA had conducted a massive spying and covert operations program on domestic soil under the code-name MHCHAOS. The story prompted the Church and Pike hearings of 1975, and they confirmed his allegations…In 1974, MHCHAOS was rebranded as the Agency’s International Terrorism Group (ITG)…MHCHAOS in counter-terrorist drag “continued to hold dissidents in its sights, specifically radical youths, Blacks, women, and antiwar militants. The label ‘international terrorist’ was designed to replace ‘political dissident’ as the ongoing justification for illegal domestic operations.”..The cutthroats of Operation Ohio, wartime Ukranian colaborators of the Waffen SS, engaged in mob-style murders. Over 20 assassinations in the Mittenwald misplaced persons camp near Munich were carried out under Ohio, funded by the Nazi-recruiting Army Counter-Intelligence Corps and CIA. This death squad went on to engage in violence against Soviet spies and double agents on the American payroll. When publicly exposed, the double agent murders were explained as factional violence among rival Ukranian émigré organizations.”(14)

The CIA used the label of terrorist to oppress and destroy the lives of groups and individuals who were against war, who just happened to be born of African descent, and who had the audacity to believe in a leftist ideology. Despite evidence it was engaged in the assassination of foreign agents as well as US citizens, the many lesser crimes were focused on and investigations into the heavier allegations of assassination were not carried out.

In 1975 the US Senate investigated the illegal and subversive actions of the CIA against Americans and foreign leaders in what became called the Church Committee.

Chaired by Senator Frank Church (D-ID), the committee held a series of hearings and published 14 reports as it investigated the legality of intelligence operations by the CIA, NSA, and FBI, including attempts to assassinate foreign leaders, spying on Martin Luther King, Jr., and monitoring the political activities of other U.S. citizens. Today, the reforms put in place following the Church Committee hearings are up for discussion in the wake of the Edward Snowden intelligence leaks and the revelation of how much data the government, especially the NSA, was collecting on U.S. citizens.”(15)

This bombshell investigation shocked the nation at the time. Since then, like many other truths about the CIA’s illegal and unethical activities, it has fallen into distant memory and forgotten, not to be learned by many in the newer generations.

From 1975-78 the CIA assisted military dictatorships in South America with the systematic eradication of their ideological oppositions, using death squads and tactics such as torture and assassination, in Operation Condor.

Operation Condor was the name given to a secret union of intelligence services of six US-supported, South American military governments- Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, which operated during the 1970s into the early 1980s.

Under Operation Condor the intelligence agencies were to use their joint resources to round up thousands of people who were suspected of involvement with leftist groups and imprison them in camps or secret detention centres. Many were tortured, interrogated, then executed and secretly buried, becoming known as the disappeared. Those that escaped their own dictatorship’s security services were often captured and tortured in other Condor countries and eventually returned from where they fled to be executed. Condor agents also located and killed dissidents in operations outside Latin America, in several European nations and the USA.

The most active period of this multinational secret police and army cooperation against leftwing and other opposition was between 1975 to 1978. The overall result of this massive political repression and terrorist dirty war, was that an estimated 35,000 people were murdered, many disappearing without a trace. Hundreds of thousands of others were imprisoned and tortured.”(16)

The suffering that was afflicted upon citizens in South America is an abominable act of terrorism that has been whitewashed and downplayed to this day. Many seek to justify what happened out of an abundant hatred for, and opposition towards, communism. Regardless of one’s view on communism, to resort to lawless terrorism to oppose it is extremely unethical. It also holds massive irony considering the same government that engages in such actions arrests and imprisons common citizens for non-violent victimless acts such as the possession of marijuana.

From 1979-89 the CIA facilitated the funding, training and equipment, for rebels in Afghanistan who were used to fight against the Soviet military.

Operation Cyclone was the code name for the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) covert program to arm and finance the Jihadi warriors, mujahideen, in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989, prior to and during the military intervention by the USSR in support of its client, the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. The program leaned heavily toward supporting militant Islamic groups that were favored by the regime of Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq in neighboring Pakistan…Operation Cyclone was one of the longest and most expensive covert CIA operations ever undertaken. Funding began with $20–$30 million per year in 1980 and rose to $630 million per year in 1987. Funding continued after 1989 as the mujahideen battled the forces of Mohammad Najibullah’s PDPA during the civil war in Afghanistan (1989–1992).

President Reagan greatly expanded the program as part of the Reagan Doctrine of aiding anti-Soviet resistance movements abroad. To execute this policy, Reagan deployed CIA Special Activities Division paramilitary officers to equip the mujihadeen forces against the Soviet Army….Reagan’s program assisted in ending the Soviet’s occupation in Afghanistan.

The United States offered two packages of economic assistance and military sales to support Pakistan’s role in the war against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. The first six-year assistance package (1981–87) amounted to $3.2 billion, equally divided between economic assistance and military sales. The U.S. also sold 40 F-16 aircraft to Pakistan during 1983–87 at a cost of $1.2 billion outside the assistance package. The second six-year assistance package (1987–93) amounted to $4.2 billion. Out of this, $2.28 billion was allocated for economic assistance in the form of grants or loan that carried the interest rate of 2–3 percent. The rest of the allocation ($1.74 billion) was in the form of credit for military purchases. More than $20 billion in U.S. funds was funneled into the country to train and arm the Afghan resistance groups. The support proved vital to the mujahideen’s efforts against the Soviets.

The U.S.-built Stinger antiaircraft missile, supplied to the mujahideen in very large numbers beginning in 1986, struck a decisive blow to the Soviet war effort as it allowed the lightly armed Afghans to effectively defend against Soviet helicopter landings in strategic areas…The Soviets were unable to quell the insurgency and withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989, precipitating the dissolution of the Soviet Union.”(17)

There are a large number of parallels between Afghanistan at that time and Ukraine now, and the goal appears to be the same, which is the total dissolution of the Russian Federation as it now exists.

Between 1979 and 1990 the CIA funded Nicaraguan Contra Rebels to fight the Sandinista government, with money they derived by manufacturing crack cocaine and selling it to men, women and children in Los Angeles. This was uncovered by reported Gary Webb, whose death later involved two shots to the head and was ruled a suicide.(18) The rebels were trained by the CIA and were given a field manual entitled Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare. In it were found instructions on how to reduce public support for their government and ensure that control by armed militias would be seen as positive. It included suggestions on how to justify armed aggression against various people such as those trying to escape a controlled town.

If, for example, it should be necessary for one of the advanced posts to have to fire on a citizen who was trying to leave the town or city in which the guerrillas are carrying out armed propaganda or political proselytism, the following is recommended:

Explain that if that citizen had managed to escape, he would have alerted the enemy that is near the town or city, and they could carry out acts of reprisal such as rapes, pillage, destruction, captures, etc…

If a guerrilla fires at an individual, make the town see that he was an enemy of the people, and that they shot him because the guerrilla recognized as their first duty the protection of citizens.

The command tried to detain the informant without firing because he, like all Christian guerrillas, espouses nonviolence. Firing at the Sandinista informant, although it is against his own will, was necessary to prevent the repression of the Sandinista government against innocent people.

Make the population see that it was the repressive system of the regime that was the cause of this situation, what really killed the informer, and that the weapon fired was one recovered in combat against the Sandinista regime.

Make the population see that if the Sandinista regime had ended the repression, the corruption backed by foreign powers, etc., the freedom commandos would not have had to brandish arms against brother Nicaraguan…”(19)

While CIA-backed rebel front groups perfected gaslighting and other forms of subversive psychological manipulation and used that to keep control over an otherwise-neutral population, rebel death squads executed citizens extra-judicially by the tens of thousands for mere ideological differences. As with other stories of this nature, the public initially reacted strongly, but the truth faded from memory and was placed in the bottom of a box labeled conspiracy theories, despite factual evidence to validate it.

In 1990 what became known as The Nayirah Testimony led to US Operation Desert Storm.

On October 10th, 1990, a 15-year old girl who provided only her first name, Nayirah, appeared before the United States Congressional Human Rights Caucus and gave a testimony which was then used by US Government and organizations as justification of the Gulf War…Everything Nayirah said, as it turned out, was a lie…

…Furthermore, it was revealed that her testimony was organized as part of the Citizens for a Free Kuwait public relations campaign, which was run by the American public relations firm Hill & Knowlton (yes them) for the Kuwaiti government…Following this, al-Sabah’s testimony has come to be regarded as a classic example of modern atrocity propaganda.”(20)

It later became known that Nayirah’s last name was Al-Sabah, and that she was the daughter of the now-deceased Ambassador to the US for Kuwait, Saud Nasir Al-Sabah, a member of the Kuwaiti royal family.(21) Although allegations that Nayirah was paid and trained to act by the CIA are unverified, Hill & Knowlton is known to be closely related to the CIA and the manipulation of public opinion regarding war.

““Robert Keith Gray, head of Hill and Knowlton’s Washington office for three decades, used to brag about checking major decisions personally with CIA director William Casey, whom he considered a close personal friend.

One of the most important ways public relations firms influence what we think is through the massive distribution of press releases to newspapers and TV newsrooms. One study found that 40 percent of the news content in a typical U.S. newspaper originated with public relations press releases, story memos, or suggestions.”(22)

The CIA was regarded yet again as untrustworthy for their Gulf War intelligence reports.

coalition troops…military actions were largely funded by Saudi Arabia…George H. W. Bush declared that the invasion “will not stand,” and a day later, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia met with U.S. Defense Secretary Richard Cheney to request military assistance. Saudi Arabia, Japan, and other wealthy allies would underwrite most of the $60 billion associated with the resulting military effort…More controversial than the role of weapons systems was that of intelligence in the Persian Gulf War. The CIA did not inspire a great deal of confidence, either with its initial estimate of Iraqi intentions or from its August 1996 “Final Report on Intelligence Related to Gulf War Illnesses.”(23)

It is worth mentioning that the New Investigational Drugs given to soldiers during the Gulf War may be linked to Gulf War Syndrome (GWS).

In 1990, the Defense Department got special waivers from the Food and Drug Administration to give drugs experimentally to American troops….A panel of independent experts convened last week by the National Institutes of Health said that it could not devise a concise definition of Gulf War Syndrome but that it was convinced that varying symptoms reported by up to 20,000 veterans represented a real condition.”(24)

While the truth about GWS is not known due to apparently being purposefully understudied and forcibly misunderstood, the question remains whether or not the CIA was responsible for facilitating and covering up for unethical human experimentation done on American soldiers.

By 2003 the US public became aware that the CIA was training and overseeing death squads in Iraq.

CIA and Special Forces assassination squads are at work in Iraq, seeking to eliminate Iraqi leaders and other opponents of the US occupation of the country…the US-led squads are illegally hunting down civilians and government figures, sabotaging civilian facilities and arming selected local thugs to execute reprisals, flouting the international laws of war…The methods being used in Iraq will soon become as notorious as the CIA-backed coup in Iran in 1953 to install the cruel regime of the Shah, the “Operation Phoenix” killing program in Vietnam, and the 1973 overthrow of the Allende government in Chile, to name but a few of US imperialism’s crimes.”(25)

Essentially, the US invaded a country filled with numerous, individually distinct tribes, that each had their own traits and motivations. US forces offered money to the tribes who would fight for the US. Those who accepted were turned against those who refused. Sunni tribes were sent to massacre Shi’a tribes, and Shi’a tribes were sent to massacre Sunni tribes. By the end of the war all powerful tribal forces were murdered and the central government was erected and used to sell oil rights to the Barzani family in the Kurdish region, and to French and other western oil companies in both that area and the Anbar province. The electrical grid of Iraq was connected to that of Saudi Arabia, and the Sykes-Picot Line drawn 100 years prior by the UK and France became a reality.

By 2009, one ParaMilitary Corporation (PMC) became notorious in the news due to their war crimes in Iraq being made public, and they had a strong connection to the CIA.

The connection between Blackwater and CIA goes back a long way. There have been several senior CIA officers that have worked with this company. One of them, Ric Prado, who was the chief of Counterterrorism Center, is said to have run the death squad program.

In 2004 the CIA approached Blackwater for reviving its secret death squad operation, which involved capturing and assassinating terrorists… It is said that millions of dollars went into the planning and training of the members of the squad…Whatever the reason for choosing Blackwater, rumors abound that it was not the only company hired to capture or kill terrorists.”(26)

PMCs became used and eventually replaced the US military entirely by 2011 when the US forces were temporarily unable to legally remain in Iraq. Such mercenaries were then used to invade Syria and possibly funded and cosplayed as a group which became known as ISIS to justify 17 nations invading Syria with planes. Boots on the ground were later found to have already been in Syria, and their actions saw to the plundering of Syrian oil resources, the destruction and looting of UN-protected heritage sites (blamed on ISIS), and led to the empowerment of Kurdish cantons.

In 2004, during the US coalition’s assault on Fallujah, Iraq, it has been alleged that the US used white phosphorus munitions to melt the bodies of enemy combatants along with civilians. Although the US is not a signatory to the treaty that prohibits the use of white phosphorus, the action is nonetheless deplorable and a war crime by the standards of many.

Observers estimate the death toll in Fallujah to be up to 6,000, mostly civilians. So although it may be that the Marines were not deliberately trying to hit civilians with the “Willy Pete,” it is inevitable that they would be hit. And the 1980 conventional weapons treaty (which the U.S. did not sign) explicitly forbids the use of white phosphorus in settings in which civilians cannot readily be protected from its deployment against military personnel. In other words, doing what the Marines are accused of doing in the “shake and bake” operation in Fallujah is a war crime.”(27)

The war crime that was Operation Shake and Bake has faded in human memory or was never learned by most of the general public, and justice for it has never been brought to trial. The reasons for the start of the Iraq War of 2002 were based on intelligence assessments on weapons of mass destruction given by the CIA, which turned out to be lies.(28)

In 2012 the CIA was back in Ukraine and funded disruption activities through National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a CIA shell company.

“The CIA, along with the NED, focused on Ukraine in 2012. Along with the CIA’s destabilization campaigns, the NED funded 65 projects in Ukraine, spending about $20 million. According to the late investigative journalist Robert Parry, the projects were “a shadow political structure of media and activist groups that could be deployed to stir up unrest when the Ukrainian government didn’t act as desired.””(29)

Did the CIA ever actually leave Ukraine?

By 2014 the CIA and DoD trained Ukrainians Sniper fire and other offensive operations.

As part of the Ukraine-based training program, CIA paramilitaries taught their Ukrainian counterparts sniper techniques; how to operate U.S.-supplied Javelin anti-tank missiles and other equipment; how to evade digital tracking the Russians used to pinpoint the location of Ukrainian troops, which had left them vulnerable to attacks by artillery; how to use covert communications tools; and how to remain undetected in the war zone while also drawing out Russian and insurgent forces from their positions, among other skills, according to former officials.

After Russia’s 2014 incursion, the U.S. military also helped run a long-standing, publicly acknowledged training program for Ukrainian troops in the country’s western region, far from the frontlines. That program also included instruction in how to use Javelin anti-tank missiles and sniper training.

Yahoo News reported in January on the CIA’s secret U.S.-based training initiative for Ukrainian special operations forces and other intelligence personnel. That program, which began in 2015, also included instruction in firearms, camouflage techniques and covert communications. Yahoo News’ prior report also revealed that CIA paramilitaries had traveled to eastern Ukraine to assist forces loyal to Kyiv in their fight against Russia and its separatist allies.”(30)

Although the CIA lied and claimed it had not taught Ukrainians offensive operations, maintaining they were simply there to collect intelligence, these revelations bring back the question of whether or not the massacre of Maiden protesters in 2014 was in fact done by snipers, and if those snipers were trained by the CIA.

In 2019 reports surfaced that yet again, the CIA was running death squads, in Afghanistan. Their actions, again, amounted to war crimes.

Don, first they blew up the door. When a father of the family came out of the house, they shot him. His sons followed to check on him, and they shot them.

Then, their moms pleaded “please don’t kill us” — but they still shot an older woman and a younger girl.

Reports last week confirmed that across Afghanistan, secret CIA-funded death squads — sometimes accompanied by U.S. special forces — are killing civilians with impunity; some attacks so egregious that they rise to war crimes.”(31)

Donald Trump downplayed the reports and it is unclear if anything came of it. The general public seems to accept when warcrimes occur, so long as those who are killed are called enemies, or they feel powerless to stop it from happening. Since Trump decided to stop telling the public where soldiers are sent, the public has been lulled into sleep and are seemingly too busy to even care anymore whether a child or a woman is massacred in their home. Some of them seem to get off on it even, and so they have become as sick and twisted as the Nazi collaborators and death squads used by the CIA. It seems people have the ability to become what they fail to oppose and grow comfortable with.

It is now 2022 and the CIA has more personnel in Ukraine than it did before the February incursion by Russia.

There is a much larger presence of both CIA and U.S. special operations personnel and resources in Ukraine than there were at the time of the Russian invasion in February, several current and former intelligence officials told The Intercept.”(32)

It seems that the CIA has never stopped working with Ukrainian nationalist groups to attempt to destroy the now Russian federation, and with the latest news that the NATO PA and EU have designated Russia as a State Sponsor of Terror, they might just get their wish and bring WW3 upon all of us. After all, the excuse to not negotiate doesn’t have to be conveniently updated every week or day anymore, because nobody would negotiate with a terroristic organization.

This report has shown that the history of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia did not start in February of 2022, or the 2014 Maiden Revolution, or even the 2005 Orange Revolution. It has existed since the second world war, and long before that. It shows conclusively that the nationalist groups sponsored by the CIA in Ukraine are not good people or simple defenders against aggression. It shows strong evidence to suggest that the Nazis never really lost the war completely, and have continued their aggressive ambitions under the guise of the CIA and partner agencies and leaders worldwide. To participate in achieving their goals makes one as useful an idiot as Bandera and his nationalist groups were 75 years ago. The only way to peace is to insist on neutrality and refuse to commit murder, to be a conscientious objector and to support negotiating the end of conflict if even temporarily. If the conditions for peace are not fostered this conflict has the ability to set fire to the entire globe.


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