White Paper: Opposition to War in America

My new white paper was written to inform people about their legal rights to conscientious objector status if they are conscripted. I start by identifying the problem, and distinguishing the issues and factors involved in war’s opposition. I relay the historical background of the US anti-war movement, as well as case law through US history. I include epic quotes from key figures. I detail evidenced reasons to oppose war, and I propose solutions. I hope you enjoy reading this, and that you choose to oppose war.


War has been a social problem throughout human history, and Americans have seen their fair share of it. Whether in a time of conscription or voluntarism, a significant number of Americans have been opposed to war. Conscription in the United States of America has existed since the 18th century. While alternative service had existed since the 1700s, those who refused to serve were jailed and treated about as poorly as traitors. The USA ended its policy of conscription in 1973, but the threat of a draft returning soon is very real. A draft presents a challenge for those who oppose war, which is compounded by the issues of corruption and limited access to truthful information. Compounding issues further for many, US law is applied unequally between the powerful and powerless. Many factors of war give cause for opposition, including the greed of those who profit, and the suffering of those who pay the highest costs. For these and more reasons many Americans have formed anti-war coalitions to protest and pressure the government to alter policies that support wars. In the event of a war, very limited solutions are available for people who want to avoid military service or jail. Only in peace can anyone have liberty or justice.

Click below to download the entire white paper in pdf format.
***Last Updated 06/02/2023 @ 7:50pm ET- Final light edits and single word changes. A few new sentences throughout.

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