Nov 2021 Legislation Station

The MCRGO and your gun lobbied representatives have been touting House Bill 5187 as a miracle on steroids for your gun rights, and want to rile you up about the legislative process to get your rights back, as if that weren’t the domain of the judiciary, and as if you don’t already have those rights. What the people taking massive amounts of money to sell you up the river want you to believe, is that biding your time and doing nothing will get you somewhere. The only thing protecting your rights is you. By taking human action, one person can make a difference in their own lives and the world around them.

HB 5187 changed a lot of MCL 333.2253 and 333.2453, but didn’t change one small provision, which reads, “A local health department or the department may provide for the involuntary detention and treatment of individuals with hazardous communicable disease in the manner prescribed in sections
5201 to 5238 5210.”

Sec 5201 holds the following, that, “”Carrier” means an individual who serves as a potential source of infection and who harbors or who the department reasonably believes to harbor a specific infectious agent or a serious communicable disease or infection, whether or not there is present discernible disease,” (emphasis added). Sec 5210 is the one that makes giving someone HIV knowingly and willingly, a felony.

If the legislature would introduce a bill that specifically restricts or defunds the MDHHS and local health departments for locking down people without a disease being present even, I would instantly become a direct lobbyist. However after reviewing HB 5187 it seems clear this bill would only help some gun stores and factories maintain the right to stay open while private citizens and other small businesses remain locked down. It is a farce.

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