Man of Action

(Feb 14, 2014) A person can only affect what is within their sphere of influence. A sphere of influence can only exist if they are active in their environment. Precisely how they are active will dictate for form of influence they exude, and how active they are will dictate the amount of influence they gather.

Precisely which environment you will to affect will be dictated by position. Position selects the playing field, but movement does the rest. Without movement, position’s potential is wasted.

Without purpose, movement is superfluous. Purpose is fostered through adherence to values and beliefs, and applied through principles. The formulation of effective principles, ensures effective adherence to values and beliefs. Those things which you value are stymied or spurned respectively, as ordered in priorities. A proper recognition, understanding and assessment of the aforementioned precepts to influence, is required to be consciously competent.

Heed this until you become unconsciously competent, and become a man of action.

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