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(Jun 20, 2020) – Love>Truth>Justice
A man’s priorities often conflict
When he has yet to sort them out
A man’s heart carries the burden
Of all the fears you hide from
A man fights for himself, for love and survival
He fights for his brothers and the truth
If a man cannot have all of these in balance
He feels the pain of the loss it brings
As brothers we fight together for the sake of family
It is not for survival, if a man survives alone
It is not his desire, if he cannot keep it long
It is not the truth if none are left to hear it
It is for love, that all the rest trails behind
No greater gift can any man have
It is what all the other priorities hang from
So we fight for the survival of love

(Jun 04, 2015) – Face of Fear
A Radical. A Revolutionary. My you look so scary.
Painted layered masks adorn your face, so we have become wary.
What lay underneath is something I can only just imagine.
Fleeting feelings. Loss of power. Must go on. This final hour.
This world is frightening. I might just die of constant fretting.
My chest is tightening. Go get a medic. I don’t get it.
I heard your story once, but I can’t remember what was said.
Nothing helps me verify. So I’ll just close my eyes and play dead.

(Jun 29, 2013) – Drums of Endurance
Fight, fight for your lives
They have come to victimize
From the ground a tide will rise
You have come to join the fight
Cry cry cry for lives
Lost to tyrants I despise
We have all heard their cries
And will not forget the crimes
Gone are peaceful days
Lost is the American way
Things will never be the same
All of us should feel the shame
Pride pride in our hearts
Knowing we can undo harm
Done to all that are a part
Of this great big family hearth

(May 04, 2013) – I Will Not Bow
Echoing the sentiments of political dissidents
I represent the ones that do not get to make amends
You’re talking slowly but I do not think you’re making sense
I have unfolded flaps of lies in golden promises
Beneath the surface this world is not as it ought to be
You think you understand but you have all been living dreams
Awake asleep it doesn’t seem as if there’s difference
It’s time to stop making pretend
I do not know what should be done about this happenstance
Because I see nothing that stops you when you start to dance
And on your side is quite a weapon wrapped around your pants
You leave me no choice but to follow the rules found in France
Unto parle is what they say when forays lead astray
I need a moment only for to conjure up the strength
to tell you what you do not want to hear, anyway
You fucking pigs are all the same
I played your game I walked the same but enough is enough
Apologies for all of these words I know they are rough
Atrocities have haunted me and now its fisty cuffs
Just let me be and I will see if I can snuff
And if I can’t its not like there is too much I can do
But that is what I know that you were hoping I would muse
In fact I have the power that anyone else has too
And you won’t forget that now will you
But I ‘ do not ‘ have it in me ‘ to be violent with you
I wouldn’t hurt a fly though I have tried on quite a few
You really must see I’m a peaceful person through and through
But there’s just not much else to do
Give me a solution to the terrible dilemma here
I wish there was one but you’ve frozen up all full of fear
You can’t remark on things that aren’t supposed to have appeared
and yet the world awaits my dear

(Aug 15, 2010) – When the Bombs Begin to Fall (Cadence)
When the bombs begin to fall
We will run and we will crawl
Deep in the combat zone
We might never go home
When the bullets fly
All will jump and some will die
Deep in the combat zone
We will never be alone
When the armor rides
They will duck and they will hide
Deep in the combat zone
Where our work is never done
When the duty calls
We will strike and kill them all
Deep in that combat zone
And wherever I may roam

(Jun 29, 2010) – The Life of a Soldier (Cadence)
The life, the life, the life of a soldier
We will fight till the fight is over
All are one and one is all
Pressing on ’till the enemy falls
The life (hey), the life (hey), the life of a soldier
To carry the nation on our shoulders
Answering to the duty call
Head held high and standing tall
The life (hey), the life (hey), the life of a soldier
We drive on as the night gets colder
Iron wills to seize the day
One day soon our foes will pay
The life, the life, the life of a soldier
Some will die and some grow bolder
We remember the sacrifice
Soldiers made in their lives

(Nov 16, 2008) – As The Sun Rises
A smattering of pattering heard on my window’s slats this morning
Tell me what I missed as I awaken from this dream
Underneath beauty I see there’s something to conceive
So bring that beauty unto me and we will find this love transforming
Behold what do I see a world that’s cold alone bereaved
And yet an inkling of small hope lay lost inside this child’s frailty
Carefully we plant the seeds and put our stock in something freely
growing towards a new found dream
Come see what’s worth believing.

(Oct 15, 2008) – The Moving Moment
Look at what we have become
We’re cold deprived and mindless organisms
When we turn our backs on blinded vision
And our shoulders weigh a tonne
Before we seek to learn much more
We must first sort the cryptic things we lost before
Behind the silence lay the echoes that remind us
Of another time when violence was
but merely a thing yet to come
and in the beating of the drum
I see another world beyond the veil
Where we are one all underneath the sun

(Dec 31, 2007) – rEvolution
Evil hands propagate the madness
Fear of sadness they’ve established
When will mankind come to manifest
When they have fought for less
Behind closed doors they plot destruction
Of our lives of any function
That will bring us to a point
Where we can raise a better nation
The blind can lead the blind
In giant lines into their lies
But there must come a certain time
When we will learn to use our minds
Times they are a changin’
We’re setting the stage for a new page
A bold new world shows it’s face
And another day sets to dawn

(Dec 28, 2007) – Moon & Star
Behold the radiance of starlight upon the night
The Sun is gone, but do not fright
There is a spark to lead the way
For those with hope, for those with faith
Amongst the darkness shadows linger
With cold ice hearts and thieving fingers
To capture innocence for them is clever
To steal our light and live forever
They cannot have what makes us whole
As long as we retain our soul
In this world we are alone
Yet there is a path which takes us home
Guide me through this darkness please
Lend me courage that I’ll need
To search again until I find
The path that I should ever mind

(Oct 16, 2007) – My Rose
You bring life to the lost
And light to this earth
For a long time I loved you
And no other at all
Until one day I became ready to love everyone
That which you gave kept me until that time
I wish I could have saved you from this world
The weather that came and those that did you hurt
We should have protected you
We failed you, and we can never go back
But somehow you managed to come through unscathed
More radiant than ever, fulfilling your purpose
Your grace lifts us up and completes us within
For you I would die in a second happily
Keep her safe, dear sir
She is in your charge now
I can release to you my duty
that which I was too young to accomplish,
but felt that nobody else would
I’ll be watching that you do right here
Be sure that you understand in full what is at stake
Be sure you know why we are here
And why she is she
What’s at stake
Life’s mystery

(Aug 25, 2007) – Rise Under Dogs
Lost and found pilots of an underground generation
Breaking the silence with their voice above the crowd protesting
We came to live, we came to be, but we were caged and drained
Kept alive just enough to give what helped the few survive
Hear me nation, be strong. Do not lose hope and dream
Because one day we’ll wake up to a beautiful thing
Banish the sorrow, hate, manipulation and greed
Soon comes tomorrow, when dreams become reality
Now come machines to beat us down into submission
To fight with fire will mean that we will only become them
To win this fight we must find another way to battle
Peaceful warriors combating evil one more time
So come one come all you soldiers of light
Over the hills pouring down on the countryside
On these grounds is where we will stage our one last stand
This time it’s pivotal. This is our one last chance.
It’s for the people, for all of those who cannot fight
For those pushed under, and those who do not have the might
It’s for the children of the up and coming generation
Let’s come together and shine before the population
I say again bring it to them who are a tyranny
It is what makes us whole and defines humanity
It’s in our blood, our minds, our souls, it’s the reason we breath
This is a war cry, a call to find a way to be free.

(Apr 17, 2007) – Untitled
The crying vampires under your sheets
I would rather die than fall subsequently
You try to find the rug that is under my feet
Your eye beholds the fears of all these dreams
Before the world dies
From strings attached in your lies
I’ll wave them bye bye
From the other side of the line
Don’t need a disguise
Your hatred I despise
I’m waving bye bye
From the other side of the line
The famous implication of power and strength
Unfolding adaptation at any given length
Become an automaton of this great big shopping spree
Till the leg you stand on crumbles at the knee

(Apr 04, 2007) – Sister
I was blue, but I was touched by black.
I became red, because I wanted to fight back.
Then when the white came to show me the way,
I needed my blue nature in order to accept.
Lost amongst the wild red,
I clung to principles designed to hold.
When once upon a time one came,
And kissed me on the cheek,
Saying I love you.
Thereon I was cured, and
accept white I do.

(Mar 22, 2007) – Brother
The spastic revolution of tears begot fears
Behind those eyes I can see those early years coming clear
Spreading like fire in this pandemonium
Fall to the streets silently ruled by the gun
What’s it from son Give me the info, what’s going on
Where’s your gun from Was it your brother was it your mom
Can I ever get a break from the city that always takes
Never gives humiliates and only air will line your plates
Leave or asphyxiate wait till your pupils dilate
Cause it’s the only way your gonna get outa this hateful world
Yet you can’t blame the state for the hate that resides in you
Keep looking around the corner ask yourself what will you do
Will you sigh
Will you cry
Will you bottle it all up inside
Or will you just come to terms and finally realize
Your Mother doesn’t hate you
Your Brother’s not a fake dude
And it’s ok to cry at night as we all cry for you

(Mar 22, 2007) – A Penny for your thoughts, but Mine are Free
If you loved and lost and nobody cared would you live again
Would you rain on the fire of your soul, or would you breath again
Nobody knows where the lamplight still glows in your mind
Look ahead or back a few years what would you find
Where is the light to show you where to go
Who is there when you need to know
When the light is blinding
Look past at what it’s hiding
What do you see
In your mind you’re crying
What does another person see
The reality of your smile is good enough for me
What do you see when you look into my eyes
A blue ocean of thought, or cloudy skies
Words linger on the soul
Starlight twinkling in your eyes
Oceans of love deep, Emotions run high


  1. Cara says:

    “My Rose” is a beautiful poem
    It reminds me of the poem you wrote about me.


    1. Thank you. This one is about nobody in particular, though it was inspired by one person, my sister. It certainly applies to all of humanity and so yourself as well.


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