The Anthrax Vaccine Incident

(From April 17, 2013) – I, SPC Jongema of the US Army, received an anthrax inoculation. I was told I had to get it even though I pleaded with them to not give it to me, and I almost died. Within 5 seconds I passed out. When I came to I was in a half dream like state. The Dr and others came over. They lifted me into a special chair and they monitored me for thirty minutes. At thirty minutes they have to decide to call it or clear it, which I know because I heard them whisper it to each other. The nurse whispered to me, “It happens a lot. It’s the anthrax shot. It happens a lot.”

She was saying it and looking back to make sure other people didn’t hear her tell me, and she was trying to console and reassure me. She would come check on me every few minutes, and over the course of 15 minutes she told me three times that, “the color is coming back to your face,” but I knew she was lying. For some reason I was very calm. I was in a comical mood for some reason. I acted like a good soldier when they said I could go, and I could tell they just didn’t want to call it in.

So I walked to the next building to clear SRC, and they sent me back to dental which is in the same building as shots. As I walked back across the lot through the penetrating Mississippi heat, it felt as if my body was a sponge that was suddenly put into the desert. It felt as if all of the water in my body all disappeared. In the dental area, I was trying to convince someone to sign my paper when suddenly I began to feel like puking, and I did, into a trash can they gave me. The Dr came over. He said he, “is calling it.” Then at some point I lifted up my shirt and said, “Where did all those red dots come from?” They were all over my stomach. Within five minutes I was in an ambulance and within 5 or 10 minutes the attendant told me, the red dots went up to my upper neck, and then began receding, as if pushed back by the blood-brain barrier perhaps. Would I have died if not for that?

I lay in a hospital bed for over 45 minutes alone. It’s as if they were just waiting for me to die. I overheard the nurse in the hallway hushedly telling someone that the heart monitors weren’t connected to the desk. The male voice told her to hush up basically and that it would be fixed soon. I looked over at the heart monitor and I knew that it was up to me to focus and to stay calm. The hospital staff eventually came and got me, and did a CT scan of my brain as well as a chest x-ray.

Then I laid alone for 2 hours until another soldier arrived to watch me as a battle buddy. A while after that, they came back saying the Dr would talk to me about the results. The chest x-ray showed a serious amount of swelling in my left lung, like a big cylindrical whited out tube on the picture. The Dr said he was worried about the swelling around my heart, and they scheduled me to come back in 3 days for a heart MRI. I think it was late afternoon on a Friday…can’t remember. So I asked him about the lung and he said, “I don’t know what that is. It could be a recent lung infection. Heck, it could be cancer,” and he sent me off without saying any more about it.

That night I had trouble breathing as I was trying to sleep. I had somewhat less trouble the next night, and the night after, but it felt as if it cleared up after that. My heart MRI showed no such Pericarditis, so case management stamped me ready to return to duty and that was the end of it. There was no follow up, no proper care or explanation provided, and no responsibility taken by the military for my near death experience.

One of the scientists that worked on the vaccine remarked that it was not meant to safeguard people against engineered and weaponized anthrax, that it could only safeguard them from natural forms. One army Dr, over 14 months later rebutted that there may be no substantial proof that it does protect, but the idea is that it might, and they refused to do any kind of follow up testing. To me that meant we are guinea pigs to some research study at best, but at worst, it is possible I was personally the subject of an unethical human experiment.

I think the Army takes advantage of people’s confusion. As long as there is an “official story” then most people look away. At least look at the pack of lies the official story represents. View The Anthrax Files to learn more.


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